Hey guys,

my name is Benita and I´m from Germany. Six years ago I started my journey to find myself. By now I´m 25 years old and normally I go to university when I don´t travel.

I started this blog to tell my story and to encourage other people to live their life like they want to. There is nothing more important about life than happiness. But how are you going to live a happy life when you don’t define your own life? We define ourselves through other people but it´s far more important that WE love ourselves. It´s a long and hard way to love yourself but nothing will make you more happy. Happiness starts from within you. I started this journey when I was 17.

I want to make ‘Big Talk’ on my blog and I want to talk about the things that concern me! Things that are important to me or other people. Those things, that define us!