Hey guys,

already three months ago I came back from my last big journey. Time flies! Last year in September I flew to Curacao to visit my ex-boyfriend there. Actually, I only wanted to stay one month, but in the end, we travelled together for several months through South America. I never really heard of Curacao before. When my ex-boyfriend got his job there, I heard about this island the first time. Curacao is in the Caribbean Sea, near Venezuela and it belongs to the Netherlands. Yeah, you heard right! It´s located in South America, but the country itself belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I think it really sounds crazy.

I worked the whole summer for this trip but it was all worth it!

When I landed on Curacao the heat was really heavy. It was super-hot and totally different than the summers in Germany. Curacao is not as green as you would expect it. It was all dried out and it looked like a desert. At least this is how I would imagine a desert. But there for the ocean is so beautiful. It´s crystal clear and turquoise. Besides the capital Willemstad is more than beautiful. Wherever you looked you saw colourful houses and really cute street markets with a lot of gorgeous fruits.

My ex-boyfriend worked as a dive instructor and his employers gave him a sweet, little house with a rooftop to live in. We sat on this rooftop every evening for 5 weeks and we watched at these breathtaking sunsets. We had the perfect view!! It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while.

I really enjoyed my time there! I discovered the island, I went diving, snorkel or I just read a book at the beach. I have never seen so many turtles in my life before. I even saw seahorses. They were so tiny and black and you almost couldn´t see them. They were hiding all the time but at least at the same places. So, after a while you knew where to find them. Most of the divers would say that this isn´t so special but for me it is. Since I was 6 years old I always wanted to see a seahorse. On Curacao, I also was cave diving and wrack diving for the first time. It´s so thrilling.

Often, I just sat in the dive centre and talked with the people there. Most of all my friend Iris got to my heart. She worked at the bar and she never said “No” to a ‘good’ bottle of wine. She is also a really good listener and an amazing human being. I´m glad that I met her on my way. The three of us undertaken a lot together. Almost every evening we sat together and talked about everything. Even when the storm ‘Matthew’ was coming, we were together and stayed at home. We played table games while we only had candle light because the electricity was gone. It stormed for hours. Once a lightning bashed into the ground near our house. I was so frightened because I never experienced something like this before! In the end, the storm wasn’t as bad as expected but the beaches and the ocean got devastated. You couldn’t go to the beach and all the loungers and sunshades got buried under the sand. They got a digger to get rid of the sand heaps.

After 4 weeks, I actually wanted to leave the island and the continent. But the closer the end came the less I wanted to go back to Germany. I didn’t know what to do. At home my law study was waiting, but on the other hand I really wanted to go to Colombia. I cried a lot. In th end, I made a pro and contra list and I thought about my future. I didn’t know what the right decision was. So, I tried to listen to my heart. To what I really wanted. Until the last day I waited to decide and I already checked in for my flight back to Germany. But as I walked through the streets of Willemstad on my last day and thought about all the countries I wanted to go to, I realized that I wasn’t ready to go back to Germany. My heart was somewhere else. So, 10 hours before my return flight I decided to stay. I was happy with my decision but at the same time scared. I persuaded myself that it isn´t so bad when I miss a few weeks of university and that I will go back. But I was so wrong! However, this is another story …

Curacao is a beautiful island and a fascinating country! I can commend it highly. However, you should spare some money before you go there and rent a car on Curacao because the cities and beaches are far apart.